Bryce Emily Megdal was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She attended a Jewish day school from first through eighth grade, where she developed a lifelong love for Judaism and the Hebrew language. She began her singing journey in fourth grade, when she joined the Tucson Jewish Youth Choir in its first year.

After she had her Bat Mitzvah, through high school, and through college, Bryce remained involved at her temple with a growing list of roles, including B’nai Mitzvah and Hebrew tutor, Learning Lab Director, teen and adult choir member, Shabbat band lead female vocalist, and Cantorial Soloist. She double majored in Judaic Studies and Studio Art at the University of Arizona; a year later, she moved to Los Angeles to start graduate school.

Since September 2013, Bryce has been one of two B’nai Mitzvah teachers at Kehillat Israel Reconstructionist Synagogue of the Pacific Palisades. In May 2015, she received a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies with an Emphasis in Music in Jewish Life from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California (AJRCA).

Bryce is now in her final year of AJRCA’s Cantorial Program and will be ordained in May 2019. She concluded a year-long Cantorial Internship at Temple Akiba in June 2018 and began another Cantorial Internship at Valley Beth Shalom in July 2018. She is the current camp songleader at Camp Wise at Stephen Wise Temple and is teaching B’nai Mitzvah classes at Temple Judaea. Bryce has graciously been subbing for cantors in LA and its surrounding areas.

Bryce’s debut album, Shine Forth, was released in May 2016. It is a compilation of 13 original melodies to Jewish liturgy and Jewishly inspired concepts. It is an accumulation of what Bryce has observed, absorbed, internalized, and created as a Jew, composer, and music lover. With that said, Shine Forth is not limited to those within the Jewish faith and has the capacity to provide joy and comfort to any individual. Bryce continuously composes melodies; hence, she plans on recording and producing another album in the future. Please refer to her Audio Uploads and Video Recordings to see what Bryce has been up to lately.

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Photo Credit: John Brice

1. Modeh Ani | Shine Forth
  1. 1. Modeh Ani | Shine Forth
  2. 2. Ma Tovu | Shine Forth
  3. 3. Elohai Neshama | Shine Forth
  4. 4. Hodu L’Adonai | Shine Forth
  5. 5. Mi Shebeirach | Shine Forth
  6. 6. Ahavat Olam | Shine Forth
  7. 7. We Remember Forever | Shine Forth
  8. 8. Shalom Rav | Shine Forth
  9. 9. Hinei Ma Tov | Shine Forth
  10. 10. Oseh Shalom | Shine Forth
  11. 11. Priestly Blessing | Shine Forth
  12. 12. Shalom Aleichem | Shine Forth
  13. 13. Sweet Release | Shine Forth